Bandra lovin’

So it’s been more than three weeks since I’ve returned from my trip home to Bombay. It had been just over a year since I last visited for Sean’s first anniversary and had a very difficult time dealing with the whole situation. So let’s just say “excited” was a gross understatement for what I was feeling when I got on the plane. (Sorry to everyone following my Instagram and Facebook feeds, I know it was overkill.)

However, there was a big difference about this trip. I was not expected to do anything specifically connected with Sean, and in a sense it felt weird. This trip was actually just for me. Well, in fact, it was to attend one of my closest friends’ wedding. The bride, Daphne, was actually my bridesmaid when Sean and I tied the knot in January 2010. I had planned my trip around her big day so I would get a chance to reunite with four of my high school friends that include my best friends, Norisca and Mrinaal. So now, you can’t really blame me for being deliriously excited, can you? Just look how happy we all look here:

Daphne's wedding - Goa

Daphne’s wedding – Goa (From left to right: Candy, Farhan, Daphne, Me, Norisca, Baby Raven.)

As always my parents were amazing doting on me the entire time. And the same goes for family and neighbours showering their love (and copious amounts of food) on me. I’m still feeling all  loved up and can’t help but smile when I look back at my pictures (look for a food round-up soon). I still miss home, but the trip was so therapeutic for me – body, mind and soul – that it doesn’t depress me at all now that I’m back in snowy Toronto. It was two blissful weeks filled with laughter and quality time with the people I love most. I could not have asked for a better way to start off  2014.

One of the highlights of the trip was definitely the time I spent with Sean’s friends. We did the usual drinking, eating and chatting, but what touched me most was the trouble they all took to spend time with me. I obviously expect this of my friends. But there was no need for Sean’s friends to do the same, which is when  I realized something really important. These were not just Sean’s friends. This group was mine now and they had been ever since Sean brought them into my life almost 11 years ago. There was no need to refer to them as ‘Sean’s friends’. They were my friends period. (Yeah, you guys are kinda stuck with me now.)

Sean's (and now my) posse (From left to right: Nimisha, Fatima, Neil, Clint, Kaldor, Wenicia)

Sean’s (and now my) posse (From left to right: Nimisha, Fatima, Neil, Clint, Kaldor, Wenicia)

So here’s a small tribute to everyone who made this trip so worthwhile:

Nimisha, Fatima, Neil, Clint, Kaldor, Weni – Thanks for being there for me the past 11 years and being the unsung support I needed to get through the past two. Sean was always proud to call you his friends and I am forever indebted to him for allowing me to be part of all your lives. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. (Let’s also plan those movie nights better, huh?)

Mum and Dad – The more I would say, the less it would seem. Thank you doesn’t suffice, but I hope you know how much I appreciate every little thing you did to spoil me during my stay. Yeah Dad, thanks for installing wi-fi.

Mrinaal and Nori – There’s a reason I call you my heart and soul. I know no thanks is needed, but I always cherish the time we spend together in person or virtually. I love the fact that you ground me and remind me that I am strong enough to take on widowhood. (And no, I’m not writing this under the influence, it’s Lent)

Daphne and Candy – It was a fleeting couple of hours, but will always be remembered. I swear my sides are still hurting from all the laughs at the reception. Boras, too many trips to the bar, Gangnam Style dance offs, et al. It’s amazing to think 16 years on none of us have changed, well except maybe our waistlines HA HA HA Let’s plan a proper catch-up soon, husbands, babies and all.

Sim – As always, thanks for your patient ear. And Aunty May’s cake. And your advice. Much appreciated.

Caru – Girls night didn’t happen but it was good to be part of Luke’s first birthday.

Rashmi and Daegs – As always, just ten minutes with you both remind me of how much I miss living in the same city as you two love birds. You guys are one of the best things that happened to Sean and me in Dubai. We now have sandy Dubai desert and Goa beach memories under our belts. Goa 2015 will be a longer trip, I promise.

Debjani – You always make time for me when I’m in Bandra and I appreciate that. We didn’t do 5 Spice this time, so let’s schedule it for December. Also, sorry for your hangover.

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