Happy Birthday Sean


Sean and Kaldor celebrating their birthdays in Bandra, 2008.

Today is Sean’s 34th birthday.

I was lucky to be at home in Bombay last year to celebrate with his friends and family. After mass, we did  a Sean tribute evening eating his favourite foods and swigging back way too many Old Monk (dark local rum that was his drink of choice) and Cokes, which resulted in much of a ruckus later that night. Let’s just say I wasn’t the only one with a hangover. All in all, it was a special evening that made it feel that Sean wasn’t very far away at all. In fact, I know he would have approved.

Before we moved away from Bombay the tradition was to celebrate Sean’s birthday on the evening of the 23rd and bring in Kaldor’s birthday, which fell on the 24th. I remember this particular year we were actually flying to Bombay from Dubai for a quick vacation. It turned 12 while we were halfway through our journey and I surprised Sean with a graphic t-shirt that had a whole English breakfast pictured on it and said ‘Taste of Paradise” (picture below). It was just a small gesture so he could feel special when the clock struck midnight. And he loved eating breakfast at any time of the day, so the t-shirt had him all excited.

No birthday cake or presents this year, but the 23rd is a great time to reminisce about the 11 birthdays that we did have a chance to spend together. So Happy Birthday Seanigan. I hope you are just as excited and enjoy where the fanfare takes you tonight. I’m going to keep it simple and toast you with some rum and Cokes, but you can be guaranteed I will be celebrating the memory of you and the joy you brought to my life during every second of the day. Much love, hugs and kisses.

I love you.




2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sean

  1. I thought of you and Sean last night… His birthday and Christopher’s birthday fall on the same day…. You know every-time you write down a memory that you and Sean shared it tugs at my heart strings….I think people born today… The 23rd of January are beautiful… Full of life and dreams and they really live in the moment… People like us are lucky to love them first hand…. You told me once everyday that passes is a day closer to seeing someone we’ve lost…. So here’s to Sean…. The people he loved are better for knowing him and loving him… And here’s to another day closer to spending a birthday with him in the future…

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