All Souls Day

Halloween 2011

Tomorrow, November 2 is Sean’s first All Souls Day.

Not a first  I want to be writing about, but, here we are.

This annual event has always been a special one in my family. Growing up in Bombay my parents, sister and I always attended mass and then visited the cemetery where my grandparents and other dearly departed family members and friends are laid to rest. We would stand together and  say a prayer, light candles and remember them fondly.

However, the one thing I cherished most about this day was a tradition my father followed. He would wash the grave stones of his parents and my mother’s parents, almost like he was preparing the site for the visits it would receive that day. Since we laid Sean to rest, this is something that my father does on a regular basis. It’s a ritual I take on when I’m in Bombay.

It may seem weird (or morbid to some), but it provides me comfort being able to clean Sean’s grave stone. It’s almost like meditation as I scrub and wipe the white marble and make sure it looks as good as new. I usually pray or talk to Sean in my head as go through the process.  A visit to the cemetery would feel incomplete without my cleaning supplies going along with me.

Unfortunately, I’m not in Bombay for All Souls Day this year so my father had a first to face this year as well: cleaning his son-in-law’s grave stone. Sean’s family also had it decorated with gorgeous yellow African daisies, one of Sean’s favourite flowers. I think Sean would have been pleased with the outcome. Very, very pleased.

Rest in peace my love.  May your soul be free and remain eternally happy.

Photo: For Halloween last year, Sean went as a pirate. In keeping with the theme, our friend Liz cooked lamb brain croquettes and slow-roasted cow tongue (which were both a no-no in Sean’s diet but are popular preparations back home), which he loved so he had a great time indulging himself.

2 thoughts on “All Souls Day

  1. I’m sure Sean’s soul is at peace and is very happy up there..

    You know pumpkin, whenever i read ur blog, my eyes fills up..

    I really look up, respect and admire the love between u both… God bless

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